Celebrating a Decade of Plugging In!

On November 16, 2016, sixteen forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious EV devotees met for dinner, in Winnipeg. Thus began the regular meetings and other activities of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association. Manitobans owe a big thanks to those pioneers and to all who have joined them over the past ten years. To paraphrase our founding President, Dave Connell, members of ManitobaEV have dedicated much time, effort, talent and enthusiasm, to educate Manitobans about the many advantages of all types of EVs, to promote greater use of these outstanding, emission-free, plugin vehicles.


EVs are quiet, but EV proponents are not. Zoom! Zoom!

If you are one of the growing number of Manitobans who are interested in the electrification of transportation, you are invited to meet with us. General Monthly Meetings are held the last Thursday of every month (except December), online, via Zoom.

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Also, you are invited to connect with other EV enthusiasts, the second Wednesday of every month, for EV Talk. In these informal, online get-togethers, there’s no discussion of politics or strategic planning, just plenty of conversation about our shared passion, all types of electric vehicles!

Next EV Talk

7:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 9th


No password required.


If you have never Zoomed, please, click on this link to learn how and to download the Zoom App.


Plugging in since 2010



$ave, $ave, $ave and Protect the Environment

Manitoba could save $billions, annually, while eliminating the largest source of greenhouse gases emitted in this province. To learn more, click here.

Individuals can benefit, too. The average Manitoba driver saves over $2,000 per year in reduced fuel and maintenance costs by switching to a battery-electric vehicle. Having learned of such benefits, from members of Manitoba’s EV community,

  • hundreds of Manitobans have purchased electric vehicles (EVs) from brand-name auto makers;

  • several savvy Manitobans have converted a variety of internal-combustion-powered vehicles to electric power;

  • some Manitobans are contemplating an EV purchase or conversion;

  • others don’t own motor vehicles, but are enthusiastically promoting greater public and private use of these cleaner, quieter, more energy-efficient vehicles.

Yes, hundreds of Manitobans have switched to plugin vehicles. However, hundreds of thousands could switch to fully-electric vehicles if fast-charge stations were strategically located in more regions of this province. Eight other provinces are much, much further ahead than Manitoba in their drive to accelerate the electrification of transportation. To help Manitoba catch up,

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EV Charging Locations

PlugShare map of electric vehicle charging locations and information on how to access them

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