MEVA Meeting:

Tour the J.W. Zacharias Physical Damage Research Centre

Manitoba Public Insurance

1981 Plessis Road, Winnipeg

Everyone is welcome!

Thursday, April 26


The Research Council for Automobile Repairs (RCAR) is a world-wide organization of automotive research centres, which issues policy, guidelines and other information for use in the design, manufacture, repair and insurance of motor vehicles ( This evening, everyone attending MEVA’s monthly meeting will have an opportunity to see the only RCAR facility in Canada, the J.W. Zacharias Physical Damage Research Centre. This 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is owned and operated by Manitoba Public Insurance.

MEVA’s Special Guests: Electrical Engineering Technology students Patryk Siedlik and Seokmin “Mike” Oh

Last month, Patryk and Mike bested dozens of other outstanding teams to win Red River College’s 2nd annual Applied Research and Innovation Day competition ( These two impressive RRC students have devised a way to utilize scrap automobile alternators and other used parts to create inexpensive, battery-electric-powered bicycles. At this meeting, we’ll learn more about their inspiring contribution to the development of truly innovative EV technology in Manitoba.


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Click on this link to see the MEVA proposals

to utilize the carbon tax to facilitate

electric vehicle use in Manitoba!


Electric Vehicles: fun for EVeryone! Want to know how? Join us!

Over five thousand vehicles registered in our province have electric motors. More and more Manitobans are becoming interested in electric-powered cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, boats. . .  A few savvy Manitobans have converted various internal-combustion-powered vehicles to electric power. Some have purchased electric vehicles (EVs) which were manufactured in factories. Others are contemplating an EV purchase or conversion. Some don’t own a motorized vehicle, but, like every EV enthusiast, they promote greater public and private use of clean, energy-efficient, electric vehicles.

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