June 2015 Meeting: MEVAfest is moving downtown!


7:00 PM, Thursday, June 25, 2015

Room E2-330 U. of M. Engineering Building, 15 Gilson Street, Winnipeg.

June 2015 Meeting:

MEVAfest is moving.  It’s official, we’ll celebrate the fifth anniversary of MEVAfest, at Manyfest, in downtown Winnipeg, Saturday afternoon, September 12th!  We’d like to thank everyone who supported our successful application to participate in Manyfest 2015.

Manyfest is attended by tens of thousands of visitors.  So, EV enthusiasts will have the opportunity to let lots of folks know how inexpensive these “green” machines are to operate and just how much fun they are to drive!  Come help us plan a celebration of electric vehicles to be eagerly anticipated by many and forgotten by none!

Also to be discussed at this meeting, the UMSAE Polar Bear Formula Electric Racing team is inviting MEVA members to participate in a field test day of their open-wheeled race car, perhaps at the airfield in St. Andrews or the Gimli Motorsports Park.  Marc Pelland, the Communications Officer for the team, will attend the later portion of this meeting to tell us more about this exciting invitation.

We’ve got lots of work to do, and plenty of fun to plan.  So, please, don’t miss this important meeting!

MEVA Members Win Gold!


Congratulations to


Not only are they brilliant, but they’re humble, too!  They didn’t tell us, but on April 25, 2015, at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium, MEVA’s youngest members were honoured for trying to improve the lives of people around the world.  For their efforts and their ingenuity, they were awarded gold medals!


Gold Medal Winners

Electrically-Induced Phosphenes as a Visual Prosthetic for those with Acquired Blindness

Matthew Hewlett and Dawson Kingston

Best Overall Group – Intermediate Level

Sponsors: Doctors Manitoba

Electric Transportation for a Sustainable Future

Matthew Hewlett and Caleb Turon

Engineering Award – Intermediate Level

Sponsors: Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM)

So, how did these MEVA members win gold medals?  They earned them!

If these grade 10 Shaftesbury High School students are an indication of what other young people in Manitoba are doing, the future of this province looks very bright!

Once again, Matthew, Dawson and Caleb, on behalf of all of the members of MEVA, congratulations!!!  We can hardly wait to see what you do next!

Robert Elms,                                                                                                          President of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association


Energy East pipeline – a threat to Manitoba’s drinking water?

Retired biophysicist Dennis LeNeveu authored an unsettling report, which was recently released by the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC). Here’s a brief summary of the CBC and Canadian Press coverage of that report.

A new report from the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition says that a pipeline, which would carry one million barrels of oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the east, would threaten the drinking water of over 60 per cent of Manitoba residents. MEJC member Dennis LeNeveu said the oil would be carried across Manitoba in a 40-year-old repurposed natural gas line, which can get corroded. He said such pipelines have ruptured four times in Manitoba in the last 20 years. The report said a rupture in the proposed Energy East pipeline would seep into any number of waterways which feed into Winnipeg’s water supply. Part of the line would run underneath the aqueduct which brings Winnipeg’s drinking water from Shoal Lake. According to LeNeveu, the entire length of Winnipeg’s aqueduct would be in danger of contamination from the nearby pipeline.

“Every township and section has roads with ditches that drain into streams or the drains that have been constructed around Winnipeg,” he wrote. “This means that valve closure on a major water crossing would not necessarily be effective, (because) a rupture on a minor water crossing could drain into Winnipeg.” He added, “Winnipeg has much to lose from the pipeline crossing within its boundaries and little to gain.”

There would also be “a significant risk of explosion” from a nearby natural gas line in Manitoba, LeNeveu said. Such an explosion could “easily be as large or larger” than the  explosion, which killed 47 people, when a train derailed in Lac Megantic, Que. “The smoke plume from such an explosion and fire could necessitate the immediate evacuation of the entire population of Winnipeg should it occur nearby.”

He claimed that, in the event of a large leak, the city of Winnipeg and Manitoba could be on the hook for cleanup costs.

LeNeveu said many other communities in Manitoba draw their water from rivers that intersect with the pipeline. Therefore, they would be vulnerable as well.

The retired biophysicist stated that any spill could also have a serious impact on Manitoba’s commercial fishery, farms and hunting.

Dennis LeNeveu discussed his report with MEVA members and visitors who attended our monthly meeting in May. MEVA members very sincerely thank Dennis and the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition for passionately dedicating so much time and effort to try to keep Manitoba safe for all of us.

Now it’s your turn. Dennis stressed the need to address this issue immediately, and he presented a very compelling case. To learn more about the concerns raised by Dennis, and how you can become involved, go to the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition website.


Most Manitobans recognize that we’re all responsible for preserving a healthy environment. But, to some folks, the enormity of such a responsibility seems overwhelming. However, our experience has shown that cooperating to achieve this goal can be fun. The Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA) meets at 7:00 PM, on the last Thursday of every month, from January through November, usually in the University of Manitoba Engineering Building. Our meetings are always open to the public. So, please, join us.

Discover how easy it is to go green!


2014 MEVA AGM and Dinner


AGM_logo1Thursday, November 27th, 6:00 p.m. (doors open at 5:30 p.m.) at Fort Whyte Alive! 1961 McCreary Rd., Winnipeg, MB

To make your reservation for the MEVA AGM dinner, email your name and phone number to rossredman54@gmail.com

Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA) members invite everyone to join us for dinner and our Annual General Meeting (AGM), at the Siobhan Richardson Field Station, at Fort Whyte Alive!

This year, the AGM and Dinner will be a very relaxed (no tie) event. Our special guest speaker will be Matthew Riesmeyer, one of the student Executives of the University of Manitoba Society of Automotive Engineers (UMSAE), the second largest university SAE chapter in the world. Matt is going to give us an overview of UMSAE, and perhaps we can convince him to give us some hints about how the UMSAE Polar Bear Racing Formula Electric team is planning to build this year’s electric race car.

Tomorrow evening, we’ll also welcome some of MEVA’s newest members, including three fourteen year old boys who are building an electric bike. They’ve already had it attain speeds over 80 km/h! Incredibly bright young fellows.

Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m., followed by the Annual General Meeting, at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will include the election of MEVA Executives for 2015. Only members of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association will be eligible to vote, so, please join us.

Dinner: $23.50, including tax.   Annual MEVA membership: $20.00.

Membership dues and price of supper may be paid by cash or cheque, at the event.

MEVA Elections

Well respected former MEVA executive members Rob McClement (Past-President) and Mike Loewen (Past-Vice-President) have stepped forward to manage the elections. Here is a letter from Rob, giving election details.

Dear MEVA members, 

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on November 27th. In addition to an evening of good food and conversation, we will be having our annual elections. All members are eligible to vote. Any member may let let their name stand for election. Please see the adjoining list of the positions to be filled by election, followed by respective descriptions. These are one year terms. 

Mike Loewen and I have offered to assist with the election process. Our intent is to have the elections run smoothly, efficiently and democratically.

If you have an interest in serving on the executive of MEVA, please consider putting your name forward for nomination. We plan to have each nominee address those in attendance prior to the vote. It will give the nominee an opportunity to share their vision or qualification for the position with the voters. Two minutes or so would do. 

If you are interested and have questions, please contact either Mike Loewen (204) 256-0003 or Rob McClement (204) 745-6477. Let’s have a
healthy democratic process. 

Thanks for your consideration!


Rob McClement



The President shall represent the Association as the official spokesperson; serve as an ex-officio member of all Association committees; approve the agenda for each meeting; preside at all meetings of the Association; see that all orders and resolutions of the Executive Committee are carried into effect.

The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President during his or her absence; handle arrangements for programs and meetings; co-lead meetings with the President; perform such other duties as the President or the Executive Committee shall prescribe.

The Secretary shall record all votes and minutes of all proceedings; give or cause to be given notice for all meetings; when required, prepare or cause to be prepared and available at each meeting, a list of the names of the members eligible to vote;
keep all the documents and records of the Association in a proper and safe manner;
perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the President or the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer shall have custody of the Association funds and securities; keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in the Association books; deposit all money and other valuables in the name of and to the credit of the Association into such depositories as may be designated by the Executive Committee; disburse the funds of the Association as may be ordered or authorized by the Executive Committee and preserve proper vouchers for such disbursements; render to the President and Executive Committee at the regular meetings of the Board, or whenever may be required, an account of all transactions made as Treasurer, and of the financial condition of the Association; submit a written report at the annual meeting of the previous year’s income and expenses; perform such duties as prescribed by the President and/or the Executive Committee.

The Member-at-Large shall conduct projects to further the goals of the Association; develop services for the membership; serve as chair of any ad hoc committee formed to develop such projects; listen to the membership and communicate their issues, needs and interests to the Executive Committee; identify potential problems and opportunities;
work effectively toward common goals as a team member; set objectives and develop action plans for selected and/or assigned projects.

Remember to make your reservation, today, for the MEVA AGM Dinner; email your name and phone number to rossredman54@gmail.com

This is an opportunity for all EV enthusiasts to show our thanks to the good folks at Fort Whyte for installing an EV charging station in front of the Alloway Reception Centre. We can also bring some well-deserved attention to the many other great examples of environmental leadership being practised at Fort Whyte Alive!

See you there!


MEVAfest 2014


Why do over four thousand Manitobans own electric or hybrid electric vehicles? Discover the answers for yourself, at the fourth annual MEVAfest, Manitoba’s festival of electric vehicles. Dozens of EVs, of all kinds, will be on display for you to enjoy, from the historic EVA Metro to the ultra-modern Tesla. See vehicles which have been converted from gas to electric power, factory-made EVs, two and four-wheeled EVs, electric passenger vehicles, electric pickup trucks, an electric SUV, an electric race car, and more. Talk with their owners, and go for free rides around the park in some of your favourites, including the exciting Tesla model S.

Electric Vehicle Showcase in Winnipeg MEVA

MEVAfest 2014

Discover how much fun it is to go green in Manitoba!



On Thursday, August 7, 2014, over 2,500 avid race fans had a chance to get up close to electric vehicles from MEVA and CAA Manitoba, at Red River co-op Speedway.

Thanks to MEVA members Rob McClement, Mike Loewen, Stephen Gates and Dave Connell. Also, a big thanks to Carolyne Braid and all the great folks at Red River co-op Speedway. Let’s do it again!

(The speedway is less than 10 minutes south of the Perimeter Highway, on Cartier Road, west of Route 75, just north of St. Adolphe.)

See you at MEVAfest 2014 
2:00 – 5:00 p.m., Sat., Sept. 20th, at Assiniboine Park

MEVA display at The Forks: a huge success!

Are they expensive? Do they work well in winter? What’s it like to drive an electric vehicle?Those are just some of the questions that people asked members of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association at our electric vehicle display, at The Forks Market Plaza, Saturday July 19, 2014.

Vehicles displayed:

Tesla model S, premium sedan (Lester & Ruth Deane);

Nissan LEAF, “Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family car” (Jon Phillips);

Mitsubishi i-MiEV, incredibly energy-efficient 5-door hatchback (Ross Redman);

Chevy Volt, plug-in hybrid-electric car (Jason Calnek);

Chevy S10 4×4 pickup truck, converted from gas to electric power (Gerry Kopelow);

plus an electric bicycle and an electric scooter (Dave  Connell).

EVs are easier and less expensive to maintain than gas-powered vehicles, no oil changes or tune ups. Last year, MEVA member Ross Redman drove his Mitsubishi i-Miev, an electric vehicle, more than 10,000 km, and paid less than $100 for the energy to do it.

This was a great opportunity for MEVA members to tell everyone how much fun we’re having driving electric vehicles.

A big thanks to MEVA member Ric Lim for posting these terrific pictures online at Flickr. Also, a special thanks to Earl Martin for making this video of the event, which he posted at http://youtu.be/CBj_XWKdik8. Kudos to everyone who helped to make MEVA’s display at The Forks so much fun. Well done!

MEVA Attends World Of Wheels 2014

MEVA is very proud to attend Autorama’s World Of Wheels March 14 to 16, 2014.

World Of Wheels is “America’s Premier Custom Car Show Series”, filled with many very nicely finished classic cars. It is attended by very serious car enthusiasts, and the admiring public.

Old Mercedes at the 2012 World Of Wheels

Old Mercedes at the 2012 World Of Wheels

MEVA is very pleased to be accepted as part of the show. Electric vehicles, we feel are the wave of the future. We also feel that EV’s characteristic “100 torque at zero RPM” will appeal to many drivers interested in serious car performance.

If you are interested in cars in general, or electric vehicles, please be sure to attend World of Wheels.

World Of Wheels will be held at the Winnipeg Convention Center, Friday to Sunday, March 14 to 16, 2014.  Hours are:

Friday:      3 to 10 pm
Saturday:  10 am to 10 pm
Sunday:    10 am to 6 pm

Details for tickets can be found here:


Update: March 18, 2014

When MEVA attended World Of Wheels, it was a great experience.

MEVA At World Of Wheels 2014

MEVA At World Of Wheels 2014

The Nissan Leaf did stick out quite a bit from the rest of the vehicles. It was not a classic car. Not a fast muscle car. Not internal combustion. No expensive repaint, or even a nice wax job.

But we had lots of interest. Of the 30K estimated visitors, hundreds of visitors came by our booth. We gave out at least 400 invitations to MEVAFest in September.

Most had never seen an electric vehicle before, so it was a new experience for many. They were quite intrigued when we told them about the benefits of EVs: 160 km range, 100% torque, low operating expenses, very little maintenance, Manitoba emissions 50 times cleaner than internal combustion, and other benefits.

Mike won an award for the best Special Interest Vehicle

Mike's Award for Best Special Interest Vehicle

Mike’s Award for Best Special Interest Vehicle

It’s nice to be recognized. :)

We’re looking forward to next year’s World Of Wheels.

Thanks to everyone that helped make our attendance at World Of Wheels happen:

Mike Loewen especially for bringing his Nissan Leaf and attending all three days. And:

Robert Elms
Ross Redman
Dan Clark
Neil Crawford
Don Himbeault

We really appreciate it!

If you missed the event, be sure to come to MEVAFest, on Saturday, September 20, 2014, in Assiniboine Park. More details soon.



Independent US oil producers will spend $1.50 drilling for every dollar they get back.

From Bloomberg comes another sobering report on how expensive it actually is to mine ro extract oil in the USA.

Some quotes:

Independent oil producers will spend $1.50 drilling this year for every dollar they get back.

Even with crude above $100 a barrel, shale producers are spending money faster than they make it.

For each shale well, Chesapeake will spend an average of $6.4 million (per well) this year.

Sanchez Energy Corp. plans to spend as much as $600 million this year, almost double its estimated 2013 revenue, on the Eagle Ford shale formation in south Texas.

The output of shale wells drops faster (than conventional wells), falling by 60 to 70 percent in the first year alone!

(Can you imagine if your business revenue dropped as fast?)

Read the whole story here: