What is MEVA?

The men and women of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association come from all ages and all backgrounds, farming, engineering, mechanics, environmentalism, academics, sales, energy research and many others. However, as EV enthusiasts, all of us share a passion to promote EV’s as a viable alternative to traditional transportation technologies.

When do you hold meetings? Can I come?

Visitors are always welcome at our regular meetings. We usually meet at 7:00 PM, on the last Thursday of every month, in Room E2-330 in the University of Manitoba Engineering Building, 15 Gilson Street, on the Fort Garry Campus. Information relating to upcoming meetings is generally available on our website.

What kinds of vehicles are of interest to MEVA members?

All types of vehicles, 2, 3 and 4-wheeled (ie. bicycles, scooters, motor-cycles, cars, pickup trucks, SUVs) as well as electric boats and aircraft. Some members have converted their own vehicles to electric power, others are enthusiastic owners of manufactured vehicles. Many MEVA members are more interested in EV technology, while others are mostly interested in the positive environmental impacts of this technology.

Do I have to own an EV to become a member?

No, although we’re convinced that electric vehicles are the best motorized alternative to internal combustion powered vehicles, not all of us own one. For those folks who are still considering whether to buy a factory-made EV or do a conversion, members who already own EVs can be very helpful!

How do I join?

Come to one of our monthly meetings (guests are always welcome!). Yearly membership is $20 per person.