Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association

MEVA AGM 2016 with special guest, The Hon. Robert-Falcon Ouellette, M.P.

At MEVA AGM 2016, The Hon. Robert-Falcon Ouellette, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre, addressed MEVA’s determination to connect our province to the continental network of level 3 EV fast-charging stations, which is rapidly expanding throughout the U.S. and across Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. We know that strategically locating level 3 fast-charging stations in our province would make it practical for many, many more Manitobans to switch to plugin, battery-electric vehicles. Robert-Falcon Ouellette spoke optimistically about various ways in which the Government of Canada may be able to provide some funding for those installations. Everyone present was very grateful for Robert-Falcon’s practical advice and encouragement.

During the second half of MEVA AGM 2016, Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association members voted to adopt changes to the MEVA constitution, including a change which would allow the existing President to be eligible for a fourth term.

The evening concluded with the acclamation of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association executive for 2017: Robert Elms, President; Bill Rossington, Vice-President; Doug Tataryn, Secretary; Jeff Bergal, Treasurer; and Micah Boisjoli, Member-at-Large. As the immediate Past-President, Ed Innes also retains his position on the Executive.

This year, our good friend, Ross Redman, decided to retire from his position as MEVA Secretary. Members took this opportunity to express our gratitude to Ross Redman for his many outstanding contributions to the Association, as Secretary over the past three years. In his typically generous way, Ross assured our new Secretary, Doug, that he would have Ross’s support and assistance as Doug adjusts to his new responsibilities.

For six years, MEVA members have contributed much time and effort to clear the air, by encouraging more Manitobans to switch to environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. Creating several level 3 fast-charging stations in Manitoba is the best way to make that possible. Because we’re determined to make that happen this year, 2017 should be challenging and exciting for all members of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association. To use a very apt sports analogy, it could be a game changer!






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