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EV wins Best Engineered Vehicle award at WOW!



Last month, the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association’s 2016 World of Wheels Autorama (WOW) display included MEVA member Bruce Little’s outstanding re-conversion of his Chevy S10 pickup truck. It’s the incomparable custom EV which was featured in the movie DRIVE FOR FREE 2 – The Revolution Continues. Every EV enthusiast who saw that movie knows what an incredible work of art and engineering Bruce and his team achieved, when they extensively updated (redesigned and rebuilt) that electric pickup truck. Well, the judges at the World of Wheels Autorama agreed. Of the more than 200 vehicles, of all kinds, at that prestigious auto show, the WOW judges declared that Bruce’s electric truck was the Best Engineered Vehicle. He’s got a trophy to prove it! MEVA members congratulate Bruce and his team, especially Greg Moneta and Brent Marginet, for their outstanding work.

Also, delighting visitors at the auto show was a perennial favourite, Don Himbeault’s converted 1954 Austin A40. By explaining the modest means he employed to convert his classic vehicle, Don did his best to convince everyone that you don’t have to be an electrical engineer or an artist to create an interesting and very functional electric vehicle. But seeing his EV, with its fake wind up key, visitors to Autorama could tell that Don Himbeault is really quite talented and has a whimsical imagination, too

About forty thousand people attended this year’s World of Wheels Autorama, at the RBC Convention Centre. A big thanks to Don, Bruce and all the other Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association volunteers who answered visitors questions about electric vehicles. Thanks to MEVA Vice-President Bill Rossington for scheduling those volunteers. All of you made our impressive MEVA display an exceptional treat for so many Manitobans.






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