Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association

MEVAfest 2015 – September 12

Celebrate MEVAfest on Broadway

organized by the

Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association


2:00 – 5:00 PM Saturday, September 12th, 2015

 in front of the

Manitoba Legislative Building

Come celebrate the best in electric vehicles, and more…

Some of the world’s best plug-in electric vehicles will be at MEVAfest 2015. You’ll see dozens of factory-made EVs from Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Tesla, and others, as well as a 1954 Austin A40, which was converted to electric power by the President of Nature Manitoba; a pickup truck, which was converted by the President of iSplice Films; the Manitoba Electrical Museum’s historic EVA Metro, the same model which was driven by former Governor General Ed Schreyer, when he was Premier of Manitoba; an electric bicycle, made by three Shaftesbury High School students (It has achieved speeds of over 80km/h!); an electric race car, made by the UMSAE Polar Bear Formula Electric race team (the largest university SAE chapter in the world!); and more and more…

In Manitoba, over four thousand vehicles have electric motors. At MEVAfest 2015, you can ask Manitobans who own plug-in EVs why they are so enthused with their electric vehicles. Take a free ride in some of your favourites, including the amazing Tesla Model S. Soon, you’ll discover that, in addition to being environmentally friendly and inexpensive to operate, EVs are fun to drive!

On September 12th, MEVAfest 2015 will be one of several “Manyfest” events happening in the vicinity of Broadway and Memorial Boulevard. To see a listing of other Manyfest events, taking place that weekend, check out

Then, come o-o-o-o-on downtown!