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  • ManitobaEV Applauds Government of Manitoba’s Budget for Advancing Electric Vehicle Adoption

    Winnipeg, April 2, 2024 – The Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (ManitobaEV), which advocates for electric vehicles (EVs) in Manitoba, enthusiastically welcomes the recent announcement by the Government of Manitoba regarding significant incentives for EVs in the 2024 budget. Up to $4,000 in incentives for new EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and up to […]

  • ManitobaEV Government Relations Member Survey Results – January 2024

    ManitobaEV conducted a survey of our members to determine the priorities that should be the focus of the Government Relations Committee. The results are presented in the following charts.

  • MEVA 2018 Annual General Meeting and Dinner

    Thursday, October 25, CanadInns Ft. Garry 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. (Doors to Ambassador Room A open at 6:00 p.m.) 7:00 p.m. Dinner Aaltos Adult Dinner Buffet $19.99 plus GST, PST and 15% Gratuity Price does not include cost of beverages Aaltos Senior Dinner Buffet (55 years+) $18.49 plus GST, PST and 15% Gratuity Price does […]

  • MEVA Tours J.W. Zacharias Physical Damage Research Centre

    It’s hardly a surprise that the April 26, 2018 monthly meeting of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association was very well attended. Many folks were there, including some who haven’t attended a meeting for quite a while. All were eager to see Manitoba Public Insurance’s 35,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, J.W. Zacharias Physical Damage Research Centre, at 1981 Plessis Road, Winnipeg. […]

  • EVs and Made-in-Manitoba Electricity

    The Power to Change — “We believe in an all-electric future… “ —— 2018, Mary Barra, Chair and CEO General Motors In mid-January, 2020, Tesla Inc. achieved market capitalization of $107 billion, overtaking Volkswagen to become the world’s second most valuable automobile company after Toyota. Now, Tesla’s valuation exceeds that of Ford and GM combined. Tesla’s superlative […]

  • MEVA – Environmental Activists or Just Another Car Club

    Because the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA) is a member of the Manitoba Association of Automobile Clubs, some folks assume that MEVA members are simply a bunch of gear-heads-against-exhaust-pipes. Well, it’s true, some MEVA members are handy with a wrench. They get their kicks customizing and cruising, but many are avid walkers, cyclists and transit […]

  • MEVA AGM & Dinner 2017

    including election of MEVA Executives for 2018 Thursday, October 26, 2017 at CanadInns Fort Garry 1824 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg *** Special guest: Ross Eadie, Winnipeg City Councillor (Mynarski Ward) In April, Councillor Russ Wyatt, seconded by Councillor Ross Eadie, moved that Winnipeg City Council should support the installation of electric vehicle DC quick-charge stations in […]

  • 7th Annual MEVAfest

    Every year, members of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA) look forward to hosting MEVAfest, the prairie’s most popular EV festival. The 7th annual MEVAfest was held from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., on Saturday, September 9th, 2017, on the front driveway of the Manitoba Legislative Building.   For MEVAfest 2017, participants came from across the province to […]

  • Canada’s Largest Plugin Hybrid-Electric “Cherry-Picker”

      MEVAfest 2016, at the MB Legislative Bldg., MB Hydro employees proudly display Canada’s largest plugin hybrid-electric boom truck. For the past two years, Manitoba Hydro and BC Hydro have been operating plugin hybrid-electric bucket trucks in an Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) program to promote the use of large PHEVs by utilities and municipalities in the United States […]

  • EV Enthusiasts Meet Senior MB Gov’t Climate Change Consultant

    Thurs., April 27, 2017, an extra-special guest will be at this meeting of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA), Juliane Schaible. Juliane is the Government of Manitoba’s Senior Economic Development Consultant for the Climate Change and Green Initiatives Branch. Juliane is responsible for providing senior project leadership, policy and programme development and implementation. She also […]

  • MEVA March Meeting: Discover Virtual Robotics Toolkit

    The first steam-driven, “automatically-mobile” vehicle was hand-built in the late 17th century. In recent decades, more and more automobile production is being done by robots. The robotics technology currently being developed by Tesla Motors is fundamentally changing the automotive industry. Tesla is manufacturing electric cars which can often drive themselves. Before long, all new automobiles will be 100% electric-powered […]

  • MEVA AGM 2016 with special guest, The Hon. Robert-Falcon Ouellette, M.P.

    At MEVA AGM 2016, The Hon. Robert-Falcon Ouellette, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre, addressed MEVA’s determination to connect our province to the continental network of level 3 EV fast-charging stations, which is rapidly expanding throughout the U.S. and across Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. We know that strategically locating level 3 fast-charging stations in our province would make it […]

  • Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association Gives Award to Inventor of Paediatric Prosthetic Device

    1st place winner Matthew Gale smiles broadly, and MEVA member Tom Tessier claps enthusiastically, as MEVA Treasurer Jeff Bergal presents Matthew with a cheque for $1,000. On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, several hundred people converged on Winnipeg’s Innovation Alley for a big block party, hosted by the North Forge Technology Exchange. In the “Alley,” folks were treated to 3D scans, virtual […]

  • MEVAfest 2016

    For the sixth year in a row, the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA) kicked off National Drive Electric Week, with the best electric vehicle festival on the prairies, MEVAfest! Saturday, September 10th, dozens of 2, 3, and 4-wheeled electric vehicles, the New Flyer Xcelsior electric bus, an electric motorboat, the UMSAE Formula Electric race car, an electric skateboard and other exciting EVs were on display […]

  • September Meeting has been re-scheduled to Oct. 1, 2016

    Ahoy Mateys! Everyone who attended MEVAfest saw MEVA Secretary Ross Redman’s large pontoon boat (similar to the ones used as water taxis on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.) On that impressive watercraft, is a 50 h.p. Mercury outboard-motor which Ross converted to electric power. Ross has kindly offered to give anyone wishing to attend our next MEVA meeting […]

  • Monthly Meeting, April, 2016

    At this meeting, we were informed of a new MB Hydro program for EV owners. Just before Christmas, Manitoba Hydro joined the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA). At this meeting, Sean Woroniak, Manitoba Hydro Marketing Strategies Officer, told us that MB Hydro has decided to offer to finance the costs of purchasing and installing residential EV […]

  • EV wins Best Engineered Vehicle award at WOW!

      Last month, the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association’s 2016 World of Wheels Autorama (WOW) display included MEVA member Bruce Little’s outstanding re-conversion of his Chevy S10 pickup truck. It’s the incomparable custom EV which was featured in the movie DRIVE FOR FREE 2 – The Revolution Continues. Every EV enthusiast who saw that movie knows what […]

  • 5th Anniversary of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA)

    Saturday evening, January 30th, 2016, over three hundred and twenty people celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA), at The Met, the newly refurbished Metropolitan Theatre, in downtown Winnipeg.  (Before the scheduled event, dozens of us arrived early, to enjoy The Allen Restaurant at The MET.  The food was delicious and staff were great!) […]

  • 2015 Annual General Meeting

    This year, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA) will differ from past MEVA Annual General Meetings. His Excellency The Right Honourable Ed Schreyer (retired Governor General of Canada) was asked if he would like to be the featured guest speaker at MEVA’s AGM in November. He said that he […]

  • October 2015 Meeting

    Thursday, 29 October, 2015 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Room E2-330, University of Manitoba Engineering Building 15 Gilson Street Winnipeg, Manitoba featuring: Chelsea Taylor, Promotions Director, 2015-16 UMSAE Polar Bear Racing Formula Electric Team Every year, the University of Manitoba Society of Automotive Engineers (UMSAE) Polar Bear Racing Formula Electric Team designs, builds and races an […]

  • MEVA Meeting September 24th

    September 24th MEVA Meeting 7:00 – 9:00 pm Thursday, September 24 Room E2-330 University of Manitoba Engineering Building 15 Gilson Street Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • MEVAfest 2015 – September 12

    MEVAfest 2015 – September 12

    Celebrate MEVAfest on Broadway organized by the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association 2:00 – 5:00 PM Saturday, September 12th, 2015  in front of the Manitoba Legislative Building Come celebrate the best in electric vehicles, and more… Some of the world’s best plug-in electric vehicles will be at MEVAfest 2015. You’ll see dozens of factory-made EVs from Ford, Nissan, […]

  • July 2015 Meeting:

    7:00 PM, Thursday, July 30, 2015 AssentWorks Boardroom, 3rd floor, 125 Adelaide Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s time to prepare for the fifth annual MEVAfest, Manitoba’s fall festival of electric vehicles. The festival is always a special event, but, this year, MEVAfest will be extra special. In the afternoon of Saturday, September 12th, in downtown Winnipeg, MEVAfest will make […]

  • June 2015 Meeting: MEVAfest is moving downtown!

    7:00 PM, Thursday, June 25, 2015 Room E2-330 U. of M. Engineering Building, 15 Gilson Street, Winnipeg. June 2015 Meeting: MEVAfest is moving.  It’s official, we’ll celebrate the fifth anniversary of MEVAfest, at Manyfest, in downtown Winnipeg, Saturday afternoon, September 12th!  We’d like to thank everyone who supported our successful application to participate in Manyfest 2015. Manyfest is […]

  • MEVA Members Win Gold!

    Congratulations to MATTHEW HEWLETT, CALEB TURON and DAWSON KINGSTON!!! Not only are they brilliant, but they’re humble, too!  They didn’t tell us, but on April 25, 2015, at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium, MEVA’s youngest members were honoured for trying to improve the lives of people around the world.  For their efforts and their ingenuity, […]

  • Energy East pipeline – a threat to Manitoba’s drinking water?

    Retired biophysicist Dennis LeNeveu authored an unsettling report, which was recently released by the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC). Here’s a brief summary of the CBC and Canadian Press coverage of that report. A new report from the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition says that a pipeline, which would carry one million barrels of oil per day from Alberta […]

  • April Meeting re: EV bargains, also off-road EVs

    7:00 PM, Thursday, April 30, 2015 Room E2-330 U. of M. Engineering Building, 15 Gilson Street, Winnipeg. Hey folks, bring your notebooks or iPads, because you won’t want to forget anything this month’s presenters have to tell us. First, MEVA Treasurer, Jeff Bergal, is going to demystify the steps involved in shopping for EV bargains south of the boarder. […]

  • How to Register to Use RRC Level 3 Charger

    Simply send an e-mail, stating that you want to register to use the RRC L3 charger, to José Delos Reyes jdelosreyes@RRC.CA with the following information: full name, contact number, car make/model year and license plate number.

  • Manitoba’s First Level 3 EV Charging Station

    First, a big thanks to Lester and Ruth Deane for allowing MEVA to display their alluring Tesla model S at the World of Wheels automobile show this past weekend. We can accurately claim that Lester’s and Ruth’s fine car attracted more attention and genuine interest from the public than any other vehicle at that event! […]

  • How to build EVs with wings!

    7:00 PM, Thursday, March 26, 2015 At Lyncrest Airport, 57119 Murdock Road, Winnipeg Over the past several years, members of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA) have utilized their many talents and training to convert cars, trucks, tractors, bikes, an SUV and more… to electric vehicles. Members of the Winnipeg Chapter of the Recreational Aircraft Association of […]

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