Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association

MEVA display at The Forks: a huge success!

Are they expensive? Do they work well in winter? What’s it like to drive an electric vehicle?Those are just some of the questions that people asked members of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association at our electric vehicle display, at The Forks Market Plaza, Saturday July 19, 2014.

Vehicles displayed:

Tesla model S, premium sedan (Lester & Ruth Deane);

Nissan LEAF, “Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family car” (Jon Phillips);

Mitsubishi i-MiEV, incredibly energy-efficient 5-door hatchback (Ross Redman);

Chevy Volt, plug-in hybrid-electric car (Jason Calnek);

Chevy S10 4×4 pickup truck, converted from gas to electric power (Gerry Kopelow);

plus an electric bicycle and an electric scooter (Dave  Connell).

EVs are easier and less expensive to maintain than gas-powered vehicles, no oil changes or tune ups. Last year, MEVA member Ross Redman drove his Mitsubishi i-Miev, an electric vehicle, more than 10,000 km, and paid less than $100 for the energy to do it.

This was a great opportunity for MEVA members to tell everyone how much fun we’re having driving electric vehicles.

A big thanks to MEVA member Ric Lim for posting these terrific pictures online at Flickr. Also, a special thanks to Earl Martin for making this video of the event, which he posted at Kudos to everyone who helped to make MEVA’s display at The Forks so much fun. Well done!