Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association

MEVA Members Available For Speaking Engagements

One of MEVA’s goals is to reach out to the general public and speak about electric vehicles. 

MEVA’s biggest annual event is MEVAFest, held in mid September at Assiniboine Park, where we give rides in electric vehicles to hundreds of people. 

MEVA members are also available to speak to groups or at other events and gatherings. 

Groups could be classes at schools or university, non-profit organizations, corporations, church groups, and so on. Perhaps even a drive by at a sporting event at half time. 

MEVA members really feel that the benefits electric vehicles bring to the consumer, the environment, and society as a whole, are substantial, and are we very interested to spread the message.

We of course, also like to meet with the media: radio, TV, newspapers, and online. 

If your organization would like to hear more, and see a presentation from a MEVA member, please contact us at 

We would love to hear from you!