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ManitobaEV Applauds Government of Manitoba’s Budget for Advancing Electric Vehicle Adoption

Winnipeg, April 2, 2024 – The Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (ManitobaEV), which advocates for electric vehicles (EVs) in Manitoba, enthusiastically welcomes the recent announcement by the Government of Manitoba regarding significant incentives for EVs in the 2024 budget. Up to $4,000 in incentives for new EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and up to $2,500 for used EVs and PHEVs up to four years of age will be available, showcasing a commitment to sustainable transportation and environmental stewardship.

The program is available for vehicles valued at up to $70,000, just above the December 2023 average new vehicle price in Manitoba of $65,968 for any energy type, according to AutoTrader. Further, the program is retroactive to August 1, 2023, thus anyone who purchased an EV or PHEV since then should also benefit from this program. However, there are some concerns regarding eligibility for customers who purchased a vehicle from Tesla before the recent opening of their new sales and service centre in Winnipeg due to apparent Manitoba dealership purchase requirements identified in the budget.

This move promised previously on August 18, 2023 during the provincial election campaign  aligns with the global imperative to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2021, transportation accounted for the largest portion (about 38%) of Manitoba’s greenhouse gas emissions and EVs are a pivotal component of transitioning our province towards a cleaner, greener transportation sector. This also aligns with Manitoba Hydro’s claim that we are a 98% sustainable energy province (hydro and wind) with the second lowest hydro rates in North America, which should further encourage consumers to purchase EVs. 

Incentives like these are crucial in accelerating EV adoption rates; however, additional investments in public EV charging infrastructure are also required to increase adoption in the province. Supports are also needed to ensure equitable access for home charging in all types and ages of buildings within Manitoba as a majority of EV charging happens at home.

“As an organization dedicated to promoting EVs and sustainable transportation solutions, ManitobaEV is pleased by the government’s proactive approach to incentivize EV adoption,” said James Hart, President of ManitobaEV. “These incentives will undoubtedly stimulate the EV market in Manitoba, making electric vehicles more accessible and affordable for Manitobans while contributing to the province’s efforts in reducing emissions.”

The incentives provided in the new budget will not only benefit individual consumers but can also bolster Manitoba’s economy by fostering innovation and job creation in the clean energy sector where Manitoba is already a leader and the critical minerals sector where Manitoba is home to 29 of 31 minerals considered critical for climate action including lithium, cobalt and copper.

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