Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association

April Meeting re: EV bargains, also off-road EVs

7:00 PM, Thursday, April 30, 2015

Room E2-330 U. of M. Engineering Building, 15 Gilson Street, Winnipeg.

Hey folks, bring your notebooks or iPads, because you won’t want to forget anything this month’s presenters have to tell us.

First, MEVA Treasurer, Jeff Bergal, is going to demystify the steps involved in shopping for EV bargains south of the boarder. Jeff will share what he learned, when he benefitted from some of those very good deals. Who knows, maybe you can afford that EV you’ve been hankering for, without having to cash in your RRSPs!

Our second presenter will be MEVA’s long-time friend Bruce Duggan. If you’re afraid that you’ll have to give up off-roading to reduce your big carbon footprint, then you’ll want to hear what Bruce has to say. He’s going to summarize the latest information on off-road electric vehicles. Not only could one get you to your favourite remote fishing hole, but these off-road EVs have the potential to do important work in northern First Nations communities, too.

Go green!


Jeff Bergal CA, MBA, owner of Visions Kitchen Showcase, past Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Assiniboine Credit Union, member of Financial Executives International Canada, contributor to the Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation…

Bruce Duggan is Director of the Buller Centre for Business Education at Providence University College, President of Boke Consulting, a 50 by 30 Steering committee member, a Green Faith Alliance Steering Committee member…






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