Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association

MEVA Members Win Gold!

Congratulations to


Not only are they brilliant, but they’re humble, too!  They didn’t tell us, but on April 25, 2015, at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium, MEVA’s youngest members were honoured for trying to improve the lives of people around the world.  For their efforts and their ingenuity, they were awarded gold medals!


Gold Medal Winners

Electrically-Induced Phosphenes as a Visual Prosthetic for those with Acquired Blindness

Matthew Hewlett and Dawson Kingston

Best Overall Group – Intermediate Level

Sponsors: Doctors Manitoba

Electric Transportation for a Sustainable Future

Matthew Hewlett and Caleb Turon

Engineering Award – Intermediate Level

Sponsors: Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM)

So, how did these MEVA members win gold medals?  They earned them!

If these grade 10 Shaftesbury High School students are an indication of what other young people in Manitoba are doing, the future of this province looks very bright!

Once again, Matthew, Dawson and Caleb, on behalf of all of the members of MEVA, congratulations!!!  We can hardly wait to see what you do next!

Robert Elms,                                                                                                          President of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association