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French Canadian Invents Cool Electric My Track Technology

It’s a snowmobile, an ATV, no, it’s electric My Track Technology.

French Canadian inventor Yvon Martel has come up with a very unique solution for snow and difficult terrains.

(PLEASE Note: MEVA has no association with this machine, other than this post on our website. To contact the inventor, please use the inventor’s email address: Yvon Martel – MTT )

French Canadian electric My Track Technology
French Canadian electric My Track Technology

It’s an electric tank track, that tow a sled, or wheeled vehicle.

It’s hard to describe, or see how useful it is, until you see the video:

Mr. Martel is looking for manufacturers and distributors. Contact him here:

Yvon Martel
Quebec, Canada

Some uses for the MTT uses are:

Fun: driving through deep snow in the woods
Small snow plough/plow
Towing cars out of the snow (these last two could be very useful in Manitoba!)
Pulling logs out of the forest.
Transporting chopped wood to the shed.
It even works as big electric battery power source for working in the woods.

It can also be used in the summer, when there is no snow on the ground at all.

It has a range from 45 to 208 km  (28 to 130 miles), depending on the battery selected.
More than some OEM electric vehicles!

Other reviews are here: 

The video is here:

MEVA wishes Yvon lots of luck with his invention!